Detective Vanilla by Jesi the Younger


Detective Vanilla Jesi the Younger Ed Video Kazoo Fest frontDetective Vanilla Jesi the Younger Ed Video Kazoo Fest back

Detective Vanilla (exhibition) & Yoga Baby (performance)


Co-Presented with Kazoo! Fest and Rennan Isaacs Contemporary Art.

Artist, animator, and performer Jesi the Younger presents a solo exhibition of recent work created while living in Mexico as her alter-ego Detective Vanilla White. Jesi has made animated music videos for many past Kazoo! performers including Timber Timbre, Absolutely Free, Katie Stelmanis, and DOOMSQUAD. To kick off the Pancake Breakfast, ‘Yoga Baby’ is a prenatal performance that will both harmonize and paralyze your body, mind, and spirit.

Detective Vanilla (exhibition) April 6-13
@ Renann Isaacs Gallery (31 Quebec Street)
Reception Saturday, April 9th, 2-5pm (artist in attendance)

Yoga Baby (performance) – Sunday April 10th, 10am
@ Boarding House Arts (6 Dublin Street South)

Kazoo! Fest Pancake Breakfast / $12 including breakfast, all ages