Material Art Fair 2020

Ed Video at Material Art Fair 2020 – Mexico City

featuring Beth Frey, Robert Dayton, and Amy Lockhart

curated by Scott McGovern

February 7-9, 2020

Ed Video features drawings, paintings, video, and sculpture by three exciting mid-career artists – Beth Frey, Robert Dayton, and Amy Lockhart at the Material Art Fair, one of Latin America’s most dynamic and exciting contemporary art fairs.

Together, their work will capture the interest and imagination of audiences with its idiosyncratic and uncanny nature. The work redefines human sexuality and beauty, societal norms, and emotional responses to the representations of the body. At once alluring and repulsive, it confuses the viewer in a physical and intuitive manner. New ways of thinking about attraction, fetishism, and individual public presentation subtly reference narcissism and social media. These artists have never compromised their aesthetics, and the unique and dynamic energy present in their work has not dulled over time. For this, these three artists have remained well-known and respected in alternative and underground art communities.

Ed Video thanks the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for support to make this international initiative possible.