Ed Video at Material Art Fair 2018

Ed Video Material Art Fair 2018 Ambera Wellmann Sabrina Ratté

Ed Video booth at Material Art Fair 2018, Mexico City

Featuring paintings by Ambera Wellmann and videos by Sabrina Ratté, curated by Scott McGovern

February 8-11, 2018

Frontón México, De la República 17, Col. Tabacalera, 06030, CDMX

Ed Video is delighted to present work by two visionary and exciting artists, Ambera Wellmann and Sabrina Ratté, at the fifth annual Material Art Fair in Mexico City.

New paintings by Ambera Wellmann will be exhibited alongside the Biomes series of video animations by Sabrina Ratté, together depicting imaginative realities appearing simultaneously tangible and etherial. Wellmann’s uncanny paintings challenge conventions of portraiture and femininity, while Ratté’s videos are sensual depictions of futuristic digital landscapes. Obeying its own idiosyncratic laws of nature, the work mysteriously defines impossible yet convincing new forms and environments.

Ambera Wellmann (b. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia) completed her MFA at the University of Guelph in 2016. In 2017, she was the winner of the 19th Annual RBC Painting Competition. Her paintings, drawings, photography, and videos have been exhibited and collected around the world, and have found a large and adoring audience on Instagram. She currently lives in Berlin, and is represented by TrépanierBaer Gallery.

Sabrina Ratté (b. Montreal, Quebec) earned a BFA and MFA in Film Production at Concordia University. Her interest in early video art led her to work with analog technologies such as video synthesizers and video feedback. Later on, she integrated 3D animation to her process, which allowed for more complex imagery while creating a timeless aesthetic. From utopian architecture to painterly textures, she investigates the ambiguous line between the virtual and the physical realm. Her work includes single-channel videos, installations, sculptures, live performances and prints. She currently lives in Paris, where she is represented by the Laffy Maffei Gallery.

Many thanks the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting Ed Video’s initiatives to provide excellent international opportunities for Canadian artists.