Miradero poster


Presented by Ed Video Media Arts Centre (Guelph, Canada) and El Huacal (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 6pm – 11pm

El Huacal – M. Bravo 518-A – Oaxaca de Juárez – Mexico

Free Admission – Welcoming Cocktail – Food

Videos and paintings by:

Jesi Jordan

Steph Yates

Erick García Gómez


Gabriel Elías (Sonorizando a Brakhage)
DJ Patrick Cruz

Miradero is a one-night exhibition at El Huacal in Oaxaca featuring video installations, animations, paintings, live video presentations, performance art, music, mescal, and food. 

The audience is forced to look very closely, from afar, at the artworks in Miradero.  By observing through binoculars and microscope lenses, the intended illusion may be shattered, yet a more complete comprehension may emerge when the physical construct is considered.  Both God and the Devil can be found in the details, if one looks hard enough to find them.  Overall, Miradero challenges the audience to consider how art is perceived and therefore understood, and by looking closely both physically and metaphorically, new meanings and ideas are revealed.

Miradero is curated by Scott McGovern of Ed Video.

Thank you to Marco Albert and Gabriel Elías of El Huacal for assistance with this exhibition.